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When most people think of elegant stainless steel decorative features, sheets of metal are usually the furthest thing from their minds. But there are many things you can do with sheet metal. In fact, thanks to modern manufacturing and technologies, it is one of the best materials out there for producing decorative features.

You will find decorative stainless steel sheet metal decorations in a variety of settings. They are found in residential properties, offices, hotels, and other businesses.

We can source decorative panels featuring any design you can imagine, and ready to proudly display on the wall panels of any home or business. Whether you are looking for something unique and eye-catching to showcase in your home or something bold and different to display in your business, we can provide custom decorative patterned stainless steel sheet panels for any purpose.

We are efficient, save time and money, without losing the most important aspect, quality.

Thanks to our carefully selected manufacturers and team, from design to delivery we take care of it all, leaving you to do whatever you like.

Why choose decorative patterned sheet metal?

There are several reasons why this is the ideal material to construct decorative panels from. The architectural, retail, and industrial sectors all use steel decorative sheet metal extensively thanks to its adap and durability. These benefits are just as relevant when using these for decorative purposes as they are for practical and commercial purposes.


First and foremost is the aesthetics of sheet metal. It has a unique, modern look and can be manufactured according to very specific specifications. Clients can choose different hole shapes and sizes, geometric patterns, and finishes to produce any look they desire.


Sheet metal is one of the most versatile materials out there. That’s why it is widely used for both functional and decorative purposes. Decorative perforated sheet metal can be manufactured to whatever configurations the client requires and is easily bent and manipulated into different geometric shapes.


Whatever specifications it is made to, perforated sheet is strong, durable, and resilient; hence its widespread use in architecture. The strength and durability of perforated sheet metal also make it ideal for decorative purposes. For example, decorative stainless sheet metal is lightweight and able to survive for many years in hotel lobbies or on an office’s walls.

Patterned sheet metal

When we say that perforated sheet can be manufactured to any specifications a client requires, we weren’t exaggerating. The best evidence for perforated sheet metal’s versatility as a decorative material is the enormous range of patterning available.

There are many people who are surprised to discover that perforated sheet metal can be manufactured with some of the most intricate patterns you can imagine.

We offer a diverse range of patterned steel sheets for use in numerous contexts. Whether you are looking for a patterned metal decoration to line the walls of your home or business, or you want an elevator door unlike any of your competitors, we can provide the metal panels you need.

CAD/CAM precision

Metalworking is a true art form. Anyone who has any experience shaping and working with metal knows that a considerable amount of talent and training is required to produce detailed pieces by hand. As a supplier of customised metal sheets, we are obviously in awe of these skilled craftspeople.

But there are drawbacks and limitations to shaping pieces by hand. For one thing, a handcrafted decorative panel is going to cost you more than most businesses are looking to spend.

By using a computer aided design process and manufacturing, we can produce perforated metal sheets to very precise specifications quickly and cost effectively without compromising the quality of the final product. Our CAD/CAM setup is capable of producing sheets to specifications that a human could never hope to match. In fact, we can manufacture virtually any design that you can come up with.

Metal etchings and metal texturing design and manufacture

Another advantage of using CAD (computer aided design cad) and CAM to produce our decorative metal panels is that we can also offer custom etching and texturing. No matter your final piece’s shape, our machinery can etch intricate details into the sheet and create different textures that change the way the piece looks and feels.

We supply decorative panels to everyone, from private individuals to big and small businesses. Whatever design you have in mind, we can manufacture it. Contact us today to discuss specifics and find out how we can help take your idea from concept to reality.

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We are efficient, save time and money, without losing the most important aspect, quality.

Thanks to our carefully selected manufacturers and team, from design to delivery we take care of it all, leaving you to do whatever you like.

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