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Your ideas are valued, we want to help you turn them into reality. From design to it being delivered to your door. Not only do we specialise in product development with our highly skilled English and Chinese design and engineers teams. Our diversity does not stop there, our detailed component work is proof of how we have an eye for detail and stop at nothing to make everything to exceed your standards. We have refined our service to make sure that it is as simple as possible for you to tell us exactly what you need and for us to deliver the service that you did not expect. Don’t just take our word for it, we have a range of testimonials from many different industries on our product development, components and manufacturing. We strive to be a reliable partner that you can trust for many years to come.

From injection moulding to CNC Machining, slitting and shearing, pressing and printing every type of process you can think of, our vast range of suppliers can create anything that you need without compromise. We are constantly working to refine the processes to make everything that you need better quality, faster delivery, better value and at the same time everything on your side easier.

We have clients from each corner of the earth, near or far, big or small, we have our logistics in place worldwide to make sure you get the highest quality materials or products. Not only the highest quality but we want you to get them as fast as possible and for the most respectful price. We are a team of high-performing professionals with an eye for detail and share a unified vision of passion as a partner to your business.

Finishing processes are also available such as anadisation and coatings, painting and detailing, branding and packaging. Whatever it is that you need to make your product stand out, with our sophisticated finishing processes it would be hard to go somewhere else. That is why we work with world-renowned designers on some iconic projects.

We look forward to hearing from you, we can explain in detail how our network can benefit your business.


    We save your time, your money and boost efficiency and quality while assisting with design and product development.


    We only use suppliers who we trust, people who we have worked with previously on many successful projects.


    We can arrange multiple samples delivered to you. We don’t stop until we find the best product and quality you expect.


    We tell you everything, no hidden costs, no leaving you behind. We are completely clear with our processes and pricing. Leaving you with nothing to worry about.


    We find the best way to get your products to you, air or sea, to your door or the port, we find what is best for you. All documents for customs included.


    We have a strict quality control procedure, from third party neutral inspections to our factory workers watching over every step. We assure you will receive the best.

We are efficient, save time and money, without losing the most important aspect, quality.

Thanks to our carefully selected manufacturers and team, from design to delivery we take care of it all, leaving you to do whatever you like.

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We only locate ourselves in the biggest manufacturing and supply hubs around the globe. When using our services to develop your product, we use our incredibly talented and can do it attitude team to make sure you get the service you’re looking for.

Clieos team is based in the UK, China, India and many more locations to find exactly where in the world to source your products, without the hassle.

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We are efficient, save time and money, without losing the most important aspect, quality.

Thanks to our carefully selected manufacturers and team, from design to delivery we take care of it all, leaving you to do whatever you like.

Supplying worldwide products for your business growth

here is what our clients say about our services

I can’t believe I have never thought about sourcing products from outside of the UK. I was nervous going into it but the Clieo teams exceptional customer service runs deep. Somehow, although Clieo are dealing on a global scale, they made me feel like I was buying from a local store with the simplicity of their process.

Waite & Sons Construction

Own Energy UK Ltd gave Aidan a brief and a budget to source and deliver a fully certified solar panel from foreign markets to compliment one of our home grown products in development. On all fronts we at Own Energy were delighted with the outcome and regard Aidan as our go to guy for procurement at best value and quality service. Aidan handled all of the paperwork, coordinated delivery and very importantly, kept us informed of progress at all times.

David Gordon
Own Energy UK Ltd

Clieo Supplies have always been extremely knowledgeable and efficient, providing a first class service with open, honest dialogue. Truly a supplier that wants to understand and improve your service experience and give you a product of the highest quality.

Alex Ramond
Ramond Ltd

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Superior Global Partnerships

We build strong relationships, we connect all of our network together. Not just products but the people, customers! Our aim is to build long term manufacturing and supply chains to help us grow together. Creating opportunities for businesses no matter how big or small to build a bigger and better future.