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28 Aug 20 News
Stainless steel sheets

Why Patterned Stainless Steel Sheets?

Patterned stainless steel is made by sliding the sheets under abrasive brushes or synchronized matrix rolls. This is the process to get a beautiful pattern on either one or both sides of the sheet, this makes for an incredible finish. The reason for this process is not just to create a beautiful patterned finish but it in fact strengthens the sheet. This process also makes scratches to be easily diffused while maintaining its incredible durability.

Patterned steel has many different uses it is not just for architectural design but covers areas such as catering, lift cars, flooring and even playgrounds! Here at Clieo we specialise in stainless patterned steel. Due to our huge network of global suppliers we make sure we get the best quality out there and pinpoint design.


Patterned steel design

Patterned steel design is what makes this so special with hundreds upon thousands of possibilities, at affordable prices, custom lengths and cut design it can really make anything look luxurious. Aesthetically, the patterned finishes on the steels design can be random and symmetrical keeping it modern and attractive in appearance. Defects like oil canning are non-existent in this product while improving optical flatness makes this material perfect for cladding systems. The growth of stainless patterned steel in recent years is incredible, becoming widely popular in the hospitality and fashion industries, Hotels creating their luxury feel as you enter with decorative patterned steel, high caliber brands using it for their runway shows. There is a reason that this is a go to for architects and designers.

galvanized profiled sheet aluminium tread plate sheets

As a direct consequence to the durability and sturdiness to this material it is also going to have long term saving benefits. A patterned finish will help with hiding all those little marks and general wear and tear, unlike plain flat and polished metals, which too regularly show the even slightest bit of impact. Having a longer life span means that there is no need to replace applications with the likes of doors, columns and elevators.

The patterning process also provides a reduced contact area so it is also great for increasing the production flow on things like photographic, food and drink machinery. How? The reduced contact area means it reduces the friction problems which is often the reason production flow is slowed down.

These finishes have been tried, tested and trusted for over 40 years due to their anti-vandal and durability properties. While industries are constantly evolving so are materials and patterned stainless steel are only getting better.


Research and Development

That is why here at Clieo we are constantly researching, developing and supplying the best materials on the market. We need to keep up to date with all the latest trends and developments on all the products we supply. We are proud of the product development we have and are constantly looking to improve and grow our incredible network. We look forward to hearing from you and finding the product that is best for you and we can be sure that our incredible suppliers and design team will create exactly what you need for your business.